Magenta Consulting was founded in 2006. It specializes in market and social research for local and foreign companies, and it also provides strategic marketing consulting services. We use quantitative research methods – face-to-face and telephone surveys, and qualitative research methods, like focus groups, in-depth interviews, and expert interviews.

You can contact Magenta when you stumble upon a marketing related issue in your organization or you need to take a marketing related decision. First of all, we understand your problem and suggest the right research methods and tools. The next step is data collection and data analysis. Further, you will receive the final research results presented as graphs and tables, that are easy to interpret. 

13 years and over 1300 completed projects

Magenta Consulting has completed over 1300 projects in the past 13 years – marketing research projects, social and political studies, training and coaching projects. 

Core specialization

Magenta Consulting specializes in:

  • marketing research—studying the situation in different sectors of the market, consumer preferences, main competitors and new trends on the market;
  • Public opinion research —  evaluation of public opinion regarding social and political phenomena; 
  • strategic marketing —  identifying the competitive advantage, setting the company and product positioning, customer segmentation;
  • strategic communication — developing of the company communication strategy, based on the target audience, and containing personalized consistent messages.

Exclusive services, 

that bring added value to our clients:

  • Magenta Mystery Shopping — primary audit, monitoring and improving client service by the front line personnel;
  • Magenta NPS — evaluation of the brand health level and the propensity of the consumers to recommend a certain brand;
  • Magenta Customer Experience Index — monitoring of the existent clients’ level of satisfaction towards the brand, product or service.

Quality Control at Magenta

Correct and high-quality data is our priority. In 2008, we became ESOMAR members. This is the most important association, that sets international marketing research standards. Each of our studies is based on these standards and rules. How do we ensure high-quality data?  

Methodology development stage

Only a senior consultant will develop the methodology of the study: set the research objectives, determine the data collection methods, create the questionnaire or the focus group script.

Data collection stage

  • For surveys, the questionnaires are mandatorily tested separately in Romanian and Russian languages, in order to make sure all the questions are easy to understand;
  • All the interview operators attend a training, during which research objectives are explained and each question is clarified;
  • The Magenta supervisors monitor the data collection process, can contact any operator in the field and make sure that the questionnaires are filled out correctly and in time;
  • 100% of the questionnaires are verified in the office – we make sure that the questions were answered in a logical manner;
  • 40% of the questionnaires are verified on the phone – we call the respondents and make sure they answered the survey indeed, which was the length of the interview, we check if the age filled in the survey is correct and other key-questions from the survey.  

Research logistics

  • 300 square meters office in the center of the capital, supplied with all the necessary equipment (computers, printers, scanners, recorders, telephones and internet);
  • A fully set-up call center for telephone surveys (CATI), with 12 working places (it can be extended to up to 5 more places during projects, if necessary);
  • Designated space for focus groups, with online live access to the discussion, for the client;
  • SPSS – a quantitative research specialized software;
  • A team of 90 fieldwork operators, who speak both Romanian and Russian.

Magenta Consulting team

There are 30 full-time consultants, 5 of them are senior consultants with 7-17 years of experience. The data collection team is made up of 90 field survey operators and 20 phone survey operators.

We are well schooled:

  • All our consultants have higher education in fields like marketing, management, statistics, sociology, psychology, finance or international business;
  • Three of our senior consultants have completed a one-year course in marketing research, from the University of Georgia, USA;
  • Three of our senior consultants have completed SPSS software related training.

Magenta Consulting has experience in your field of work

During the past years, Magenta Consulting has managed to build a valuable client portfolio in fields like:

  • retail (Metro Cash&Carry, Linella, Supraten, Romstal, MallDova);
  • consumer goods (Nestle, Coca-Cola, Efes, Orhei-Vit, Rogob, Delmark, Rusnac Aquatrade, Sudzucker);
  • mass-media (Jurnal TV, Adevărul, Aquarelle, Business Class, VIP Magazin, Punkt, Aici TV)
  • petrol stations (Lukoil, Petrom, Rompetrol);
  • telecommunications (Moldtelecom, Moldcell, Starnet, Conect, Sun Communications);
  • banks (Mobiasbank, Moldindconbank, Victoriabank, EuroCreditBank) and others.

Among out social research clients are organizations like World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Gallup, OMS (WHO), IRI, USAID, GIZ, UNDP, UNICEF, UNWOMEN, Chemonics International, Development Alternatives Inc., PAS, IPP, Soros Foundation and other international organizations, NGO’s and state entities.

We are proud to say that, besides the ESOMAR certification, Magenta has received the „Consultant of year in the CIS” title in 2013, during the „Consultancy without borders” conference, held by the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation.

Absolute confidentiality

We guarantee absolute confidentiality of the information we receive from our clients, as well as the data from the studies we develop for our clients (we publish only the data that was collected by Magenta with our own funds, as well as the data that has already been published by the beneficiary and with their agreement).