Career at Magenta, the path of a valuable specialist in a growing market

The profession of expert in commercial and social studies is a little spread one on the Moldovan market. For this reason, specialists with such education are appreciated and sought for. Via this article we invite you to get to know the challenging domain of marketing research, and those who would like to respond to this challenge, to apply for a job in our company.

Since 2005 Magenta Consulting does commercial and sociological research. The team of the company numbers over 30 permanent employees in Chisinau and a few territorial representatives. Until now Magenta has implemented over 900 projects. Among the company clients are the World Bank, UNICEF, Nestle, McDonald’s, Starnet, Moldcell and others. Being among the leaders on the market, Magenta is a continuously growing company. As a consequence, Magenta is searching for qualified specialists with potential and the desire to learn.

Importance of the profession

In Moldova the importance of marketing research is increasing. In order to take informed decisions, companies choose to use consultancy services. Via complex polls and in-depth interviews Magenta finds answers to the questions of their customers. This is what the importance and charm of this profession consists of. Following recognized methodologies in the Occident, experts assist in the prosperity of businesses and contribute to solving some social issues.

To work for Magenta is a continuous challenge. In order to ensure quality consultancy for customers, experts get to know details from various domains of activity: education, healthcare, justice, commerce etc. This ensures the multilateral development of specialists and chases any trace of boredom. Each day brings a new customer or another sector for research.

Evolution of a specialist at Magenta

The initial stage in the company is the position of junior consultant. For this, candidates do not need pre-training: only responsibility, dedication and attention to details. The first six months, the junior consultant has a mentor, from among the senior consultants. The mentor will teach his/her disciple to set the objectives of the research, to correctly phrase a questionnaire, to work with software for processing collected data and to analyze data. After half a year the junior consultant will know to write the first reports. In average this stage of development of the specialist lasts 1-1.5 years.

Subsequently, after the employee passes the junior stage, he/she takes over the entire process of a research and communicates directly with customers. Becoming a senior consultant in 3-4 years, the employee can direct several complex projects at the same time. At this moment the specialist begins to offer consultancy services in strategic marketing.

As a consequence, you form as a specialist at a very fast pace. In a single year, you may become a professional and conduct marketing research on your own. A career at Magenta involves continuous development, daily challenges, diversity and competence.

In the case of candidates with experience in a similar domain, the possibility to begin from the position of Consultant or Senior Consultant is considered.

Corporate culture, as in Europe

Our corporate culture is of a Western type. All opinions are heard, and issues – discussed. Initiative, enthusiasm and perseverance are highly appreciated. The director’s door is always open, and the management style applied is Scandinavian.

The staff at Magenta is young and benevolent. Although everyone writes it in vacancy descriptions, by far not everyone ensures a relaxed atmosphere, unconditioned support, coaching and sharing knowledge.

Among the benefits of a career at Magenta are also listed the activities of team building. Twice a year, the company employees go together to the mountains and the seaside. About our adventures in Greece and Romania you can read here: link.

Apply to Magenta

We invite specialists with economic or sociological education to apply to Magenta. The age and experience of the potential employee does not matter. Because universities in Moldova do not train experts in commercial and social studies, the new employee will learn many things from scratch. Initially, the salary may seem modest. But in the case the junior consultant is diligent and perseverant, already in a year the salary will increase considerably. Remuneration is renegotiated each year.

It is important to understand that in the first six months the company invests in the employee more than it benefits from his/her work. The time the junior consultant spends with his/her mentor is expensive, and the obtained experience – very valuable.

Selection process

The selection process is performed in two steps. The first stage involves friendly interviews allowing us to get to know the candidates and understand their development potential. Subsequently, in the second stage, the preselected candidates are invited for two trial days, in order to get to know the team from the inside and to get acquainted with the specifics of the activity.

Before applying we urge you to visit our website and to discover here ( what our former colleagues write about us.

Those interested in becoming part of our team must send us their CV via the platform HERE. For questions or curiosities do not hesitate to contact our colleagues from Human Resources vie the email address [email protected] or at the number 078887715.