Research tools

There is a standard set of the used methods and technics in the field of marketing research and strategic planning. Those tools proved their reliability during years and are widely applied all over the world.

Magenta consulting synchronizes the applied research techniques to the latest international developments, which is confirmed by our membership in ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research). Magenta Consulting is the first Moldovan company accredited by ESOMAR and corresponding to its professional and ethical requirements in marketing research. 

Research methods are divided in quantitative techniques (read more… (→ 3.1.)), applying which we obtain exact answers to concrete questions, and qualitative techniques (→ 3.2.) that help getting a detailed picture of consumers’ motivation and preferences.

An ideal research, without time and financial limitations, presumes combining both types of techniques. However, sometimes the essence of the problem dictates selecting only one approach: either the quantitative or the qualitative one. While conducting any research project there is always a need of a creative approach and adjusting of methodology to the specifics of the project and of the market.