The top of the most preferred topics by Moldavians in mass media

Studying people’s preferences toward the most interesting topics in mass media and towards those that mostly attract the attention, according to the research carried on by Magenta Consulting, the results are the following:

Figure 1. : The top of the most preferred topics by Moldavians in mass media, %

The topics that mostly attract our attention on TV are politics, investigations/judicial topics, disasters/calamities. Radio is listened mainly for music, and also to get informed about politics, social life and entertainment.

On internet we search for music, read entertainment  or calamities/disasters news, information regarding science and politics.

Newspapers are read to find out the latest news from political, social and economic life, while magazines are preferred for the subjects related to cooking, entertainment and science.

Generally, political issues are watched on TV, advertisement and music related news are followed on-line, delicious recipes are mainly collected from TV and magazines.

Performing the multicriterial analysis, we tried to find the top favorite topics researched on the internet, according to age, region, finished studies and monthly income.Music presents interest mostly for the young generation aged under 24 years, for high school pupils and students and for people with different levels of income. Entertainment topics are picked by those of 25-34 years, high school pupils and persons with a monthly income of 1500-4000 MDL.

According to the research, political topics are read on-line mostly by people aged 25-54 years, with finished or unfinished higher education, with monthly income over 3000 MDL per family member, and also, in a higher share by those who live in the North of the country.

Meanwhile, scientific information is being accessed via Internet mostly by people aged 25-29 and 55-65 years old, while information about cooking is being searched more often by the persons with a monthly income of 5001-6000 MDL per family member. At the same time economical topics are read preponderantly by young people 25-29 years old, with graduate and postgraduate level of education finished.

It can be observed a qualitative evolution of the on-line audience, especially as in the last research it was confirmed the increase in the trust level of Internet as an informational resource. *Methodological remark: the research was carried on a sample of 1400 respondents aged 14-65 years from 24 towns (error margin of +/-2, 6%), the respondents being offered to choose not more than 3 topics per each of the mass media sources.