The Moldavians don’t want to stay in their country, 70% of them would emigrate

According to data collected by Magenta Consulting from 1400 respondents aged over 15 from 24 urban centers of the country in May 2010 (error margin is not higher than ±3%), 70 % of Moldavians expressed  their intention to emigrate.

Each fourth Moldavian person declared that he would emigrate with pleasure, 17% would leave country temporarily, and 16% would emigrate to work, 9% to study, and only 3% on trips.

It seems like very few people would go only on trips, because the most of Moldavians would emigrate to search new opportunities offered by foreign countries, and would do this with pleasure or due to a poor financial situation.

Those who want to emigrate for a period of time or for the rest of the life expect to find a higher salary abroad than in our country, better conditions of living. But even these who say that they would emigrate temporary, they still don’t for how long.

Figure 1.: The Moldavians’ intention to emigrate, N=1371, %

Each third person aged 25-34 years would emigrate with pleasure, according to the research. Youngsters of 14-24 would go abroad to study, considering that studies from abroad are more qualitative and will ensure them a better carrier and jobs with higher wages.

The weakest intentions to leave Republic of Moldova have the people over 45 years. These people got used to the situation from the country and don’t dare to ask more.

Among those who would emigrate with pleasure there more men, people living in the South of the country, people with an income less than 500 MDL and of  5001-6000 MDL, graduates of professional schools , lyceums and students.

Not being engaged in any responsibilities, the lonely people and those who live in concubinage would more easily live the country for a period or time to work abroad or would emigrate for the rest time of the life.

These data might make us worry, because the number of Moldavians who want to emigrate is growing. And these are young persons who ensure the development of the country. If too many young people leave, we will deal with an older population, and this will hinder the development of the country.