Sequel from Magenta Consulting: Research vacation in Greece – guide on how to sell your country as a tourist attraction

This year, we, Magenta Consulting have prolonged the research we began last year in our collectively spent vacation in Greece. Who are we? We are that team of people crazy for figures, constants and variables, criteria and charts. We are those who daily generate a team and work spirit together with our leader – Dumitru Slonovschi.

As you have understood, this year, we said good bye to summer far from Chisinau and the office desks, in a teambuilding in the realms of Greece. It is simple, if we work together and manage to do it with enthusiasm and passion, then we should recharge our batteries at least in the same kind of atmosphere. We must admit that Magenta Consulting invests not only in its projects of research and consulting, but also in the comfort created for us, its employees, both while we are within the walls of our premises, and outside it.

We put aside the shirts, suits and shoes and replaced them with slippers, shorts and cropped tops. With the prepared suitcases we got on a coach which was already waiting for us ready for travel and we left for Khalkidhiki. The views and the historical presence of Ancient Greece almost intoxicated us at once. And such dishes from the Greek cuisine we tasted! And so much seafood we ate, I think we stuffed ourselves for a year in advance with everything that moves in the waters of the Aegean Sea.

About how to sell your country as a tourist attraction

Also there, our colleague, the head of the collecting department Dumitru Silitrari had his birthday. We celebrated all together seated in a circle, on the seashore, chatting over a glass accompanied by the melody of the sea waves. But a good marketing specialist is a marketing specialist set to work even in Khalkidhiki. Each platter of food that was brought, each gesture of a waiter, each trick specially meant for tourists was noticed, noted, analyzed, discussed and measured.

In our research trip we collected several statistics made from observations in real time. It is to be admired that the employees of venues manage to quickly establish a relationship with the tourists and to operatively make them loyal (because the majority of tourists come to the seaside for an approximate duration of a week). They are open to modify the offers and the recipes of the dishes from the menu, they value the time of their clients preparing the food very quickly. And when asking for the bill, usually is offered a bonus on the house – ice-cream, traditional desserts, wine, ouzo or watermelon.

Not only the cuisine and the way it is presented to tourists is a pleasant experience in the Hellenic lands, entertainment and activities are also diversified for tourists. Besides the classic way of resting on the beach with a book in hand, it is also maximally promoted the experiential tourism or experimental tourism, which in fact is a more active way of contacting the culture and specifics of the country and of the places you visit. In the lobby of each hotel you may choose a large array of experiences such as excursions, visiting temples, islands, diving, etc.

The most important observation, which underlies the others, is related to the fact that Greeks exploit tourism to its true value and promote culture. At every step you can buy traditional Greek products, such as mixtures for tzatziki, spices, olive oil, ouzo, etc.

Methodology: This survey was carried out by the team of Magenta Consulting on a sample of 28 cheerful persons enamored with their job even when the waters of the Aegean Sea tickles their soles, in the period 22 – 29 August. 

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