Does Santa exist and what kind of gifts are we expecting? – web-survey results

“New Year!” – this day brings so much happiness, so many emotions and expectations, simply related to changing the day on your wall calendar, or the one on your office desk! How many plans are made for the holidays!  So many pleasant worries left to take care of in the last couple weeks of the year!

In this context, Magenta Consulting launched a survey in order to see what do Moldovans want and what do they actually do during the winter holidays. The results demonstrated once again that the Moldovans are at the same time and very spiritual, wishing for health, happiness and love, and very materialistic, wishing for cars, motorcycles, household equipment or money.


The study has also revealed that 2% of respondents will not celebrate this year the New Year holiday, while other 87% decided to decorate the Christmas tree. In matter of the type of tree, the Moldovans will go both for natural and artificial ones, respectively 56% and 44%. Another interesting fact is that 71% of respondents of all ages do believe in Santa and in his existence.

The results of this survey also revealed that the New Year’s Eve remains to be a family holiday, due to the fact that 84% of respondents intend to spend it  with their families. The following position in the preference top is covered by entertainment places, which started becoming more popular, nevertheless they account only for 8% of the responses. 

In regard to winter holidays, only 17% intend spending them either travelling abroad or visiting a health resort, while 75% shall stay at home.

It is well known that winter holidays – Christmas and New Year are the most “expensive” holidays of the year. Therefore, 68% of respondents are ready to spend anywhere in-between 1000 and 3000 MDL, while over 6000 MDL will be spent by 12% of survey participants.