Dairy products consumed by Moldavians

Nowadays it is pretty easy to get hold of a liter of milk, even with the luxury of doing so at any time and almost everywhere. In the old days there were not many brands of dairy products and people worked to get this product. Now things have changed and manufacturers are already struggling for costumers. Milk is a liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals. People have learned to consume it since the agricultural invention from the Neolithic revolution that took place thousands of years BC. Since then milk is consumed frequently and in different ways. Milk can be cream, butter, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, and can be added to coffee, blinii, pancakes, desserts, etc.

Magenta Consulting has conducted this study to highlight which are the most popular and purchased local dairy brands. Data were collected through the Magenta National Screening quarterly survey on a sample of 3000 respondents in 132 urban and rural localities (margin of error is ± 1.7% at a confidence interval of 95%).

The best known brand of milk is Alba (65%). JLC and Incomlac trademarks weights represents 34% and 27% respectively. Although the JLC and Incomlac are part of the JLC Group, these were specified by respondents as different brands. Other known dairy brands are: dairy (12%), Casuta mea (11%), Lapmol (10%), Floresti (9%), Lactis (8%), Sana (5%), Cupcini (3%) and Balti (3%). Other choice included brands whose weight is less than 2%.

Fig. 1: Dairy brand awareness, N=2009, %

64% of respondents consume milk and for 38% of them the brand does not matter. The favourite brands which recorded the highest shares are Alba (9%), JLC (7%) and Incomlac (3%). 36% of participants do not consume milk. The Alba cream is preferred by 12% of respondents, JLC - by 6% and Incomlac by 3%. Cream is the most consumed of all the dairy products, the percentage of respondents who do not eat cream proved to be lower than others (32% compared with 34% -46%). At least every 3rd respondent do not consume cheese and for 47% of the survey participants the brand does not matter. JLC and Alba cheese are preferred by 4% of respondents each. Kefir from Alba is the most bought (9%), and on the second place was positioned kefir from JLC, with a share of 6%.

Yogurt enjoys the lowest popularity, being consumed by 54% of the survey participants and also stands out with the lowest preference for a particular brand. Talking about cheese, the share of respondents for which the trade mark doesn't matter is the greatest - 48%. JLC is the preferred butter to 6% of respondents, its rate being with 3pp higher than Alba branded butter.

Fig. 2: Favourite brands for each purchased product, N=3000, %

Regardless of the type of dairy products, they are chosen according to the same criteria and with similar weights. The most appreciated is the taste of the product, it is important for 60-64% of participants. The reason "quality reliable" is characterized by an average rate of 36%. In third place was positioned the share of respondents for whom the right price of the product matters, it is important for 23% of the participants. Attractive packaging counts for 4-7% of participants and the pleasant advertising influence the decision only of 3-6% of the participants.

Fig. 3: Reasons why the favourite brand is purchased, %

Milk is the first beverage consumed by newborns, this makes it more special than the others and besides all, milk contains most of the nutrients your body needs. Magenta Consulting wishes you purchase only fresh dairy products and relish when you consume them.