Think ambitiously. Start slowly. Grow fast. Magenta Consulting presents lean start-up to successful business to young entrepreneurs.

30 young entrepreneurs from both sides of Nistru discovered the principles of starting a start-up and those of independent marketing research, on a training presented by Magenta Consulting experts. The training session took place on the 13th of august, within the framework of the "Support to Confidence building Measures" Program, funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP.

The concept of lean start-ups was introduced by the businessman, blogger and author of the book with the same name, Eric Ries. The idea appeared as a response to the fact that 90% of start-ups fail in the first year of their occurrence. The cause is the trust on their own perception about the products that customers need and ignoring the actual demand.  

Andrei Ciobanu, Research Director of Magenta Consulting: Before launching into the development of a product that the company thinks that potential customer will appreciate, it is suggested to conduct research to confirm that the chosen solutions really meet the demand”.

Thus, on the training the consultants of Magenta Consulting presented the principles and criteria of operation of the Lean Start-up, relying on the practical aspects, useful for the entrepreneurial environment on both sides of Nistru:

- entrepreneurs are everywhere;

- business means management (the effectiveness of the work and then the work itself);

- validated education (finds out what the client thinks);

- innovation accounting (sets out how you will measure your progress);

- build - measure – learn.

At the same time, they put into practice various techniques for conducting marketing research, to identify the opinion and needs of potential customers.

Irina Batîri, Magenta Consulting, Director: “Since the participants already had business ideas, the purpose of the training was to motivate them to decide what problem will solve their product, which might be the MVP (minimum viable product) - that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum of information validated by customers with the least effort. At the same time, to establish how they might analyze how useful is this product to their consumers, long before the launch on the market, to come up with a really useful and requested version. And on the subject of ”Marketing Research” we aim to explain how to develop hypotheses, how to choose research methods and which of them are suitable to find out the necessary information”.

At the end of this training, participants made a few slides of practical application of lean start-ups in their business, because, with the completion of the entire course that lasted more than a week, the most well-thought-out ideas had to be awarded.