Now in Transnistria, too - Magenta Consulting’s researches will include the left bank of Nistru as well

From now on, businessmen will have the results of marketing research studies conducted on both banks of the river Nistru. Magenta Consulting will conduct the researches on the right bank of Nistru while the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will conduct these researches in Transnistria.

“The partnership has been established within the program entitled ‘Support to the Measures of Strengthening Reliance’ between the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Moldova, France, and Transnistria. Thus, now all those who are interested in expanding their businesses will be able to find out what expectations and preferences the consumers from Transnistria have, as well. To Magenta Consulting, it is an honor to instruct experts, having as basis the 12-years experience in the field, and, together with the marketing experts from Transnistria, to establish the foundation of a much more extensive, profound, and complex research style.” Dumitru Slonovschi, general director at Magenta Consulting 

Therefore, it will be possible to conduct at least 9 types of marketing researches, depending on the request. One of them would view the market capacity or the amount of goods that could be purchased by the consumers on both banks of Nistru. It will also be possible to identify consumers’ behavior and what motivates them to purchase something. Other studies could view the popularity of information channels used by consumers. This would assist companies in deciding more easily how to efficiently promote their products and services as:

  - 79.3% of Transnistria’s residents and 71% of Moldova’s residents use the Internet daily;

  - 72.4% of Transnistria’s residents and 73% of Moldova’s residents watch TV daily;

  - 35% of Transnistria’s residents and 31 % of Moldova’s residents listen to the radio.

“Last autumn, the employees of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Transnistria benefited from a 10-days instructing training provided by Magenta Consulting. Within that training, the employees learned how to elaborate marketing researches, how to use the statistics software SPSS, and how to analyze data. This year, they have already conducted a research for a project of their own entitled ‘Buy Transnistrian Goods.’ At the same time, at the request of one of Magenta Consulting’s clients, a mutual survey was conducted, involving 2,000 respondents from the right bank of Nistru and 1,000 respondents from the left bank. Previously, we used to receive many requests of conducting researches on both banks of Nistru, and now this has become possible, following all requirements of collecting and analyzing data.”  Irina Batîri, executive director at Magenta Consulting.

The extended marketing research studies will particularly be useful to the companies that are interested in marketing their goods and services on both banks of Nistru. Some of the clients who have already called upon these researches are Eximbank from Transnistria, the Bakery from Tiraspol, and the shoe factory ‘Floare.’