Dont seek the well-being, create it yourself! – Magenta Consulting 5 years event

Sometimes, when thinking about the well-being of a country, the politicians, artists, singers and other public figures are not the only ones who bring their contribution. But as it is well known, the sheaves of wheat are gathered grain by grain. Similarly, the small contribution of each of us can be favorable, most important of all is the intent. Of course, a simple man could hardly enrich all the pensioners, but he simply could help his neighbor the old man… At the same time, the ageing process is absolutely impossible to stop, but giving birth to little Moldovans could definitely help the rejuvenation of the population.Therefore, if each of us would do some small, insignificant things on a daily basis, but with a positive note, then our contribution will be noticeable.

While riding the trolleybus I was unintentionally stepped on the foot by a passenger. And when he turned his head towards me with a guilty look, I kindly smiled back, instead of raising my voice. As a reward, the passenger, which is a doctor, will get to work with good mood and his patients leaving his office will smile with confusion saying “Today Mr. Vasile is in good mood …”

Why should we be upset because we cannot create something at global level, when actually, our little contribution to the welfare of the country matters the most?...

Therefore, we invite you to let us know what contribution you bring to the well-being of our country. Join us on April 5th 2011, at 5 pm in the Square of the Opera and Ballet Theatre, and answer the question in order to receive your balloon!

The program includes interesting contests, full of surprises, and the end of the event will be guerdoned by the performance of the Snails band!