For some of our clients the market research results provided by Magenta Consulting are enough for making marketing related decisions.  In other cases, clients need more complex services that include data interpretation and development of concrete actions aimed for company’s profit growth.

Magenta has a vast experience in marketing consulting, which includes the following services:

Communication strategy and positioning

Magenta Consulting develops communication strategies, basing on which our clients implement effective advertising campaign focused on well-defined customer segments, using the communication messages that directly appeal to customers’ needs and wishes and delivered via relevant communication channels.

This service also includes company positioning, based on the identified Unique Selling Proposition that distinguish the company among competitors and fastens the company’s competitive advantages in the consumer minds. 

Presence of an effective communication strategy permits using only the most efficient marketing tools without directing advertising budgets to non-target audience.

Our competitive advantage on the market is that we develop communication strategies based on the data collected from real consumers of product/services rather than basing on subjective creative views or the available and convenient advertising channels. Often we suggest solutions that are more budget-wise to our clients, than those agencies that are directly interested in artificial inflation of advertising budgets. 

Market entry strategies

According to the international statistics, around 50% of start-ups fail during the first year of activity and 90% close the business in the next 5 year.

A successful market entry for a start-up or a new product is always based on the preliminary made market analysis and correct marketing strategy, which permits to remain in that 10% of “lucky” companies that succeed.

This service is designed for both foreign companies that plan to enter Moldova and local start-ups. We analyze in details the competitive environment and propose an optimal market entry strategy, including all the elements of marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion).