Profile of the Moldovan from 2016, drawn from statistics

Just like in 2015, during the year 2016, Magenta Consulting watched the Moldovans. We found out what are the priorities of Moldovans in life, what is their relationship with chocolate, homeopathic medicines and online shops. In this text we are going to try and outline the portrait of the Moldovan from 2016.

Career on the first place, children on the last. How we prioritize

We asked the Moldovans what should be more important for a young person: studies, business, a job or family and children. The survey showed that men are for professional development, while women are for marriage. An imposing majority of Moldovans, 84%, consider that a young person should, first of all, get higher education. At the same time, the birth of a child was placed by Moldovans for the sixth and seventh place, with a share of 26% and 32% accordingly.

Parents consider that visits to the grandparents are entertaining. How we grow

The tendency to postpone the birth of a child was confirmed by another survey too, which established that 30% of Moldovans are not parents, and the majority of those who have children are Moldovans over 30 years old. Parents with underage children, in order to spend the time together, the most often choose to go in visits to the grandparents or relatives, or watch cartoons, 9 of 10 parents for each activity.

In the era of gadgets, reading books stays in the first place. How we educate

We asked the parents form the Republic of Moldova also about the activities their children have during vacations. Approximately a half of Moldovans insists on reading books, occupation suitable both for girls and boys.

Practicing sports games or outdoor ones obtained lower shares, compared to reading books, which demonstrates that Moldovans are aware of the input of reading for the education of their children. It is to be mentioned, that in the case of parents with girls, they also mentioned that daughters should help their mothers with household chores, occupation considerably less popular in the case of parents with boys.

We copy because it is hard to study. How we excel

Less than 2/3 of Moldovans wanted to mention that plagiarism is a bad thing, and knowledge and marks must be earned honestly, responsibility is too high and d not leave place for cheating. But there is a category of Moldovans which claims that “pupils have to copy”, motivating that the current school program would be too complicated – 17%. At the same time, less categorical about copying are the young people aged between 16 and 20 years old.



We see our future at home. How we emigrate

Approximately 9 of 10 parents may boast with children who stayed at home, 14% of parents have children who work outside the country, but are still citizens of the Republic of Moldova. There is also the category of those 9% out of the 14% left, who emigrated for good and settled to live permanently abroad.

The results show that 65% of parents do not want their children to leave the Republic of Moldova once they become grown-ups. 20% would accept their children to go abroad temporarily, for studies, experience and money. However there are also those who wish their sons and daughters to settle permanently in a foreign country – 13%.

Moldovans would invest in real estate, but also in memories. How we dream

We were curious to find out what the Moldovans would do if they won a million lei in the lottery. Thus, a third of Moldovans answered that first of all they would invest the winnings in a dwelling or car – 33%, 18% would invest in a business, and 11% of respondents would invest in memories – they would go to travel.

In second and third place, the preferences of Moldovans for dwelling, car, business and travels are at the top and only exchange places, but new leaders also appear – 16% of Moldovans would donate the won money to an orphanage or to a person who needs this money more. Another third of Moldovans would keep the money for “hard times”, days when they will have a special need for money.

We manage on our own at painting and pasting wallpapers. How we renovate

Even if Moldovans constantly invest in maintaining their real estate – priority number one, the majority make repair works without turning to specialists, even when it is about plumbing and other complex work. So, 2/3 of Moldovans made repairs in the dwelling they live in presently.

During renovations, at painting and pasting wallpaper Moldovans manage on their own, without the assistance of specialists. 75% of Moldovans whiten the ceiling and paste wallpapers on their own, 76% paint the walls. Even if a third of the interviewees manage to change sanitary equipment, install tiles and laminate, there are still those who turn to the services of persons qualified in constructions – over 40%.

One thousand lei per month. How we heat

¾ of the interviewees live most of the time in private homes. 11% of Moldovans live in apartments with two rooms, 7% - in apartments with one room and 6% live in apartments with three rooms.

In order to save on heating the dwelling, 51% of respondents replaced the old simple windows with those made of plastic (PVC windows), 28% of Moldovans insulated their dwellings from the exterior of walls, and 18% - from the interior. Many are those who got rid of the doors through which the cold passes, replacing them with those which are more hermetical – 31%. The optimal amount a Moldovan would accept to pay monthly for heating the dwelling is from 750 lei to 1270 lei.

A household = one TV. How we get informed

Even if 95% of Moldovans have at least one TV in their household, they watch it in average 2.7 hours per day. The share of those who watch TV daily, increases proportionally with their advancement in age.

When an advertising break occurs on TV, 59% of respondents claimed they switch the channel to one which does not broadcast advertising at that moment, and over a third of Moldovans are tolerant with advertising. 11% of the interviewees answered that the advertising break is suitable for an excursion from the TV to the kitchen to get something to eat. And 6%, while advertising is being broadcast, check their emails, accounts on social networks and the phone in general.

Advertising does not buy us. How we do not let ourselves manipulated

82% of Moldovans declared that when they buy products they do not keep into account the advertising they saw in relation to these products. Moldovans guide themselves the most by the tendencies of advertising when they have to buy home appliances – 30%, decorative cosmetics or body care products – 24%, foodstuffs – 23% and phone or phone accessories – 20%. And the mean which transmits the advertising message the best to us, consumers, is the traditional one, meaning television – 76%.

The second source of advertising information is the online environment – 23%. On the third place in popularity in promoting advertising are certainly the street billboards or outdoor advertising. This survey also showed that Moldovans hesitate the least when they want to buy a mobile phone, 34% buy at most in the first 2 days.

2 of 10 do not use a mobile. How we communicate

84% of Moldovans have and use mobile phones, and 16% - do not. Among those who do not have a mobile phone with an active number, the majority is from the rural area, those who are over 61 years old, widowers and widows, those who have only elementary education, the unemployed and inhabitants of the north and south areas of Moldova.

On the other hand 73% of Moldovans have both a landline phone and a mobile phone. Approximately each tenth Moldovan citizen has only a landline phone (14%) and only a mobile phone (10%), and 2% mentioned they had neither a landline phone, nor a mobile phone. The majority of those who only have a mobile phone are between 21-30 years old (37%), and those who only have a landline phone are mostly persons over 61 years old (57%).

Virtual shops are popular among the youth in the city. How we manage online

To begin with, we asked the Moldovans who use the internet if they document themselves online about the products they want to buy. 30% answered that before buying a phone or accessories for it they search for information on the internet. A little fewer, 29% of Moldovans read online reviews about home appliances when they intend to equip their household. And 25% of respondents claim they inform themselves on the internet before buying a computer or car.

At the same time, we found out how many of these Moldovans, who get informed on the internet, get to buy the products they need online. The results of the survey carried out by Magenta shows that only a half of those document themselves about the phones and home appliances they want, using the internet, bought them at least once from online shops, 14% for each category. Regarding computers, only 7% buy them online. Those who renew their wardrobe online are more, 13% buy clothes and 10% - footwear.

The young people are the greatest consumers of electrical devices. How we spend

A half of the population of the Republic of Moldova goes to home appliances shops once a year and rarer, and a third – not at all. However, 1 of 10 Moldovans visits such markets once in 6 months. The majority of those who go to buy home appliances is represented by those married, who have higher education and a monthly income between 3 and 5 thousand lei.

It is to mention the fact that the group of those who shop at home appliances stores once in half a year is represented by young people between 18 and 25 years old, single and those who have a monthly income of over 5 thousand lei.

We love chocolate, but moderately. How we pamper ourselves

Almost each third Moldovan buys chocolate weekly. The share of Moldovans who supply themselves with chocolate monthly is rising to 40%. It is worth to be noted that, both in the hot months of the year as well as in the cold ones, chocolate is bought by the same category of Moldovans. Even if chocolate is found in each third basket from the supermarkets from the country, the quantities it is bought in are moderate – at the limit recommended by doctors.

We buy drinking water in small bottles and vegetable oil in large bottles. How we dose

Doctors also recommend consuming a minimum of 2 liters of water daily, in this respect we wanted to see how much water is being bought in the stores form the country. The results of the survey showed that in the hot period of the year, each third Moldovan buys bottled water at least 1-3 times per week.

Both in summer and in winter, most of the Moldovans buy bottled water in quantities of 1.5l, respectively – about 40. Bottled water in bottles of other capacities, larger, is bought by a small number of Moldovans; the share for each type of bottle does not exceed the value of 10%. Things are different in the case of vegetable oil.

People from villages do not buy oil. How we depend on the environment we live in

Magenta has found out that 36% of the interviewees do not buy vegetable oil at all; the majority are inhabitants of rural areas. One of three Moldovans go to the shop to get oil once a month and rarer, and a tenth of the country population – weekly.

During the year, the most often, one of four Moldovans buys vegetable oil in bottles of 1 liter. One of five interviewees, buys oil in much larger quantities – 5 liters. Fewer are those, a Moldovan of four, who buy oil in quantities of 2 and 3 liter. The size of the bottle increases directly proportionally with the salary value of the one who buys the vegetable oil.

We remain loyal to local producers. How we impress guests

We are the people who puts the best on the table for the guests, and preferably, local brands. If a foreigner gets to be the guest of a Moldova, from beverages he/she would see wines from Cricova, brandies from Kvint or Calarasi, juices from Orhei-Vit, water from OM or Gura-Cainarului.

Finally we make an exercise of imagination. Imagine a table prepared by Moldovans for guests from abroad on which we see wine from Cricova with a probability of 39%, cognac from Kvint and Calarasi – with a probability of 30%, and 29% accordingly. From non-alcoholic drinks there will be with a certainty of 42% water from Gura Cainarului and from OM – 29%; juice from Orhei-Vit and soft drink Letto, with a probability of 43% and 23% accordingly. On the tables from cities with a certainty of 26% will be dairy products from JLC, and on the tables in villages it is more probable to fin, with the same percentage of 26% products from Alba.

Moldovans sleep an hour more in the weekend. How we recharge our batteries

When we do not spend, we sleep. Sleep is the only state in which we cannot spend money, just time. We asked the Moldovans how many hours daily they spend sleeping and what is the time when they go to sleep. Therefore, Moldovans sleep in average 5.9 hours during the weekend and 5.2 hours during weekdays. The most during the weekend sleep the young persons aged between 16 and 25 years old, pupils certainly, singles and persons who have a monthly income of over 10000 lei.

During weekdays, 42% of Moldovans go to sleep at 23:00, 30% are in bed since 22:00, and 16% go to bed at midnight. According to the Magenta survey, in the weekend, the situation does not change significantly, the most popular hour to go to sleep remains 23:00 – 36% of respondents, 23% get to bed at 00:00, and 21% - at 22:00. On holidays, increases the number of those who go to bed after midnight, 8% - at 01:00, 4% - at 02:00 and 2% at 03:00.

We believe in drugstores, less in doctors. How we fall ill

While scientists in the field of medicine continue to do research on the evolution of the flu virus, the scientists from Magenta Consulting carried out a survey which found out about the state of health of Moldovans and how they take care of it. So, 10% of the interviewees claimed they visit the doctor regularly, even if they feel well, 13% - see the doctor regularly because they suffer from chronic illnesses. 57% of Moldovans do not see the need to go to clinics as long as they feel well, and 20% of respondents recognized that they do not see the doctor even if they feel bad.

Although they do not use the services of traditional medicine, Moldovans do not trust the nontraditional one and homeopathic medicines – 69% of Moldovans are not familiar at all with the term homeopathic medicine. Thus, in order to get treatment, Moldovans go to drugstores – 93%. About a half of the population buys medicines once a month and rarer and 28% of respondents claim they go to drugstores several times a month.


The Moldovan of the year 2016 invests in real estate and business, puts in the first place the career and in the last on – children. The Moldovan of this year does not trust doctors, but neither nontraditional medicine, consumes chocolate wisely and drinks three times more water in summer. We, the Moldovans of 2016, do not let ourselves fooled by advertising and continue to migrate towards the digital. How are the Moldovans in 2017, the Magenta Consulting team will find out first