Moldovans have one foot in the country, and the other is outside its border

As soon as we found out that more than 2/3 of Moldovans love their country, we asked ourselves how many of us Moldovans show this love through deeds, better said one single deed – they choose to stay at home. The survey carried out by Magenta Consulting found out if the Moldovans planed to settle in another country in the next two years or they decided to stay.


Two out of three Moldovans (for now) stay at home

When asked if they intended to go abroad in the next two years, 62% of the interviewees answered negatively, at least for the moment they did not have in plan to leave the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, the results of the survey show that 33% of the Moldovans think of eventually leaving abroad for various reasons.

The most of them, 21% are those who decide to leave the country in order to earn money abroad, 8% of the respondents leave for a reason with a long term effect, in other words they decided to emigrate from the Republic of Moldova in the near future and settle permanently abroad. Twice less, 4% are the Moldovans who leave abroad because they want to study abroad.

Money do not bring love for the country, but neither does their lack

In the category of the 62% of respondents who do not plan to go abroad in the next two years, a large share make the persons aged more than 50 years and the persons who have a monthly income which does not exceed the amount of MDL 2 000. Also in this category, in a larger number are encountered widowers and widows than persons who are married, divorced, those who are cohabiting or single.

For the group of those who still think of leaving Moldova in the near future, a higher salary does not make them change their minds, so the number of persons who leave the country increases directly proportionally with the value of the monthly income of the respondents. According to the income criterion the most of those who plan to leave are the Moldovans who have a monthly salary of over MDL 6 000.

The survey carried out by Magenta Consulting established that two out of three Moldovans choose for now to stay in the country, and one of the three has already decided to make the step that would get him/her across the border of the Republic of Moldova. 

Methodology: The survey was carried out by Magenta Consulting on a sample of 641 persons. The data from this survey are representative nationally and have a margin of error of ±3.9% at a confidence interval of 95%. The data were collected during the period 02-10 March 2015.