Magenta Metrics: Moldovans are mobile - with mobile phones

Mobile phones for a decade have become an indispensable accessory not only for Moldovans, but for the whole population.Cell phone, by its convenience and mobile operators through their offers managed to overshadow the importance of landline phone. Most, as they say, use landlines to call on their mobile numbers when can not find it among things.

Magenta Consulting conducted a survey that has found how many Moldovans have a mobile phone, what kind of service packages are using, how many Sim cards they have and what is preferred mobile operator.

About 2 out of 10 do not use a cell phone

Therefore, 84% of Moldovans have and use mobile phones, and 16% - do not. Among those who do not have a mobile phone with an active number, most are from rural areas, those who have passed the age of 61 years, widowers and widows, those who have only primary education, unemployed and residents of northern and southern areas of Moldova.

From those who have and use a mobile phone, 95% use a standard package offered by the operator - one for individuals, 3% use corporate packages  and 2% - both. Therefore, corporate packages are popular in urban areas, in northern Moldova, aged between 30 and 40 years and among those who have monthly income over 15 thousand lei.

Among Moldovans who use a cell phone, only 1% owns three cards, 13% - 2 cards, and the rest use only a single SIM card. Two SIM cards are used mainly by men from the city, the same in northern and central Moldova, employees of private companies, or Moldovans who have their own business.

Type of phone used,%

From the total of respondents, the majority (73%) have both landline and mobile phone. Approximately every tenth Moldovan has only landline telephone (14%) and only(10%) - mobile phone, and 2% said they have no landline and no mobile phone. Most of those who have only mobile phone were aged between 21-30 years (37%) and those who have only landline are people over 61 (57%). Respondents who have no cell phone, no landline phone are mostly women, from rural area, aged between 51-60 years old.

Phone subscriptions are popular in the cities

Magenta Consulting asked Moldovans about their preferences regarding the choice of mobile operator.Thus, in general, Orange is the leading company - 77%, on second place the Moldcell operator was ranked by 26% and the last and third place is Unite, 6%.

According to the analysis of socio-demographic characteristics of mobile users, it has been noticed that the higher rates, regardless of the used operator, were obtained by users aged between 21-30 years old. We, also, noted that after 61 years old, people are using mostly Unite - (13%) than Orange or Moldcell (by 8%).

Sociodemographic characteristics of mobile users based on the operators, %

Each operator has different features, which leads to the conclusion that each mobile operator, attempts to create and occupy its place.

Methodology: The survey was carried out by Magenta Consulting on a sample of 1129 persons. The data from this survey are representative at national level and have an error margin of ±3% with a confidence interval of 95%. The data were collected in the period 22 September - 8 October, 2015