Is marketing a new religion for the enterprises from the Republic of Moldova?

You have heard before the notions for marketing, promotion and advertising. Do you think that they are related only to the domain of business? Do you think that this is done only by those who have enormous budgets and strategies to conquer large markets? Our entire life is marketing; it would be an enormous loss to neglect this process in business. 

When we introduce ourselves, we tell our name and surname, occupation and background – we promote our image. The high marks, accumulated knowledge, qualification we hold have no effect as long as we do not know how to sell them – send the message. We are ingenious, we try to attract attention, to make the consumer take us into consideration, and the competition – outperform.

A little over a quarter of companies keep track of marketing activities 

The Magenta Consulting team appreciates and explores the potential of marketing activities. Thus, we decided to find out what attitude do the Moldovan entrepreneurs have towards promoting the image of their businesses. So, Magenta found out that 7 out of 10 entrepreneurs in the Republic of Moldova do not promote themselves via activities of marketing, advertising and PR. 

On the second place are the companies which hire a specialist in marketing and promotion – 9%. On the other hand, 5% of the business people have a marketing department in their company, also 5% are those who outsource the tasks related to PR and marketing, turning to the services of a company specialized in this domain. 

Other 5% of Moldovan entrepreneurs claimed the marketing activities are performed by an employee with a cumulative function, who is responsible for the main tasks and for PR. And in the case of the 4% of remaining companies, there is no certain person who would be responsible for the activities of advertising and promotion; these are performed occasionally, by several employees.

Promoting companies from Republic of Moldova through marketing and PR activities, %

Marketing departments from foreign investments 

The category of enterprises which do not perform marketing activities is represented by microenterprises (<9 employees) and small enterprises (<49 employees), given the fact that the number of micro and small enterprises outnumbers that of the large enterprises. Other characteristics which were outlined thanks to the profile of companies in general are: enterprises with investments of local origin, goods importers to the Republic of Moldova and who are working in the domain of commerce or services and consulting. These criteria also represent a higher share among the 9% of enterprises which have hired a specialist for PR and marketing. 

An interesting fact, discovered by the survey performed by Magenta shows that more often the Moldovan companies benefiting from foreign investments can afford themselves an entire department of marketing. The agencies specialized in marketing and advertising are popular among micro, small, but also medium enterprises. Also, in this category of companies, the share of those who work based on local investments is in the first place. 

On the same place, according to the criterion which indicates the nature of investments were placed the enterprises which assign an employee hired via cumulating, responsible for both the main tasks and for those of promotion. The way to involve the employees in marketing activities, on an occasional basis, is the most popular among microenterprises, taking into consideration that the majority of companies from the country have the status of microenterprises. 


Methodology: The survey was carried out by Magenta Consulting on a sample of 402 companies, with an error margin of +/-4.88% at a level of confidence of 95%. The data were collected in the period 10 August – 22 September, 2016. The data was collected through phone interviewing (CATI).