Find out who are the happiest employers from urban area

As part of the research series about the life style of the citizens from the Republic of Moldova, Magenta Consulting estimated the degree of satisfaction of the employers from urban area. The data was collected on a sample of 1400 respondents from 24 urban regions, aged 15-65 years, the error margin being of +/-2,6%.

Analyzing the collected data, it was determined that 61% of respondents are employed. It is necessary to be mentioned that the rest 39% include not only the unemployed workers, but also the students, pensioners and the persons incapable to work. In this category are included also the housewives.

Picture 1: The weight of employees out of all the study participants, N= 1369, %

71% of the respondents, who live in towns and have a job, mentioned they are satisfied with their job. At the same time, even if half of respondents have a job they like, the study participants consider that the salary they earn is lower than the sum they would like to earn, or that the paycheck doesn’t cover enough their life expenses.

Merely every fifth townsman is completely satisfied with the job he has, from all points of view. It can be supposed that for these persons, the earned salary is sufficient for the life style they lead, or money might have less importance at that moment.

Other  motivational factors at the work place as experience, the team, the offered facilities and bonuses, the possibility for career growth, as well as other aspects might replace the earned money and become the key-elements that will ensure the satisfaction generated by work.

The share of those who are not satisfied with their job and would prefer to change it represents 19% from all respondents. At the same time, there are such respondents that have a job they don’t really enjoy, but keep working for the good paycheck they receive at the end of the month.  Their weight equals to 10% of the study participants.

Picture 2: Employees’ satisfaction degree with their actual job, N= 818, %

Analyzing the job satisfaction degree according to the domains of work, it can be mentioned  that the most unsatisfied employees are those engaged in agriculture, commerce and services. At the same time, those employed in construction work and in the commerce sphere, would prefer in a higher degree to switch their workplace, but they do not make this decision because of the good salary they receive.

The most enthusiastic employees are hired in the educational, health and public administration areas. These respondents mentioned they like their job, even if the salary is low.

Taking into consideration all the motivational factors, the most satisfied employees are those working in the  telecommunications and transportation sector.

The fact that 71% of respondents said that they are satisfied with the job they have at the moment, generally represents an indicator of favorable working environment.Just the fact that they have a constant job makes them happy and somewhat fulfilled. Meantime, some other existing problems should be taken into consideration, for ex. low salaries or lack of psychological motivation factors; Once these issues are dealt with, this would contribute to a general feeling of satisfaction at work.

*Methodological remark: the research was made on a sample of 1400 respondents aged 14-65 years from 24 towns (error margin of +/-2, 6%), the respondents choosing only one answer for the question whether they like or not the job they have at the moment.