Awareness of Magazines in Moldova

All those dealing with marketing issues generally base their decisions and strategies on certain indicators. If we talk about a well-thought promotional campaign, then it must be grounded on researches about consumers particularities. Market and consumer researches allow developing a promotional strategy focused on the target-consumer, thus ensuring its success. The promotional support and the key indicators provide message delivery to the consumer, sometimes successfully, and sometimes not. The success of the promo campaign can be determined very easy, simply by addressing the question - was the impact felt by the investor in the campaign?

In one of the recent researches conducted by Magenta Consulting, based on the quarterly Magenta National Screening service, was analyzed the level of awareness of magazines. First of all, we would like to inform the reader about 2 methodologies applied for the study of the awareness level – the assisted and non-assisted methods. Magenta decided to apply within its research both techniques, in order to provide the client with the most realistic situation.

From a list containing 43 titles of magazines, the most often named title turned to be Liza – known by 52% of respondents; the following magazine Aquarelle was named by a share of respondents with 0.9 p.p. less. The third and fourth position in the assisted awareness top is covered by VIP Magazin and Cosmopolitan (indicated as known by respectively 37,8% and 36,9%). A similar situation is recorded in the ranking of magazines based on the unassisted awareness. The first 4 positions are the same, only with different share of respondents naming the titles, or at different percentual distance. Therefore, the reader of this article can make its own conclusions on the subject.