Each of us chooses individually what he wants to believe in or, better said, that in what it is more convenient to believe. In certain cases opinions may be different even about the obvious. For example, after buying a product of not a very prestigious brand, the buyers' predisposition of finding and argumentation the strengths of his election increase. It is interesting the analysis of how people make decisions according to circumstances at the moment. To this end we decided to see what people think opposite a less obvious topic about which has been said much and which still remains a mystery. This study was conducted by Magenta Consulting order to find out the opinion of Moldovans in terms of the existence of aliens. Data were collected through National Screening Magenta quarterly survey on a sample of 3000 respondents in 131 urban and rural areas (margin of error is ± 1.7% at a confidence level of 95%).

Alien is a being that is outside the terrestrial globe. Based on this definition we can say that people whose profession involves flying in space can be appointed former or ex-aliens. It is interesting what kind of impression we create aliens, wasting earth's resources, making wars and producing garbage ... Although not many have had the opportunity or interest to visit various countries, other cultures, interaction with an extraterrestrial civilization would interest everyone. Traveling to other planets would probably break the top most popular tourist destinations. This would only bring benefits for the earthlings' economy, and of course of the aliens. And besides the fact that new foreign language courses will appear, also movies would be viewed in 13D. As strangely as this statement sounds, 2% of Moldovans say they saw aliens. 11% of participants believe in their existence, 54% - 32% do not believe - do not an opinion regarding this topic. Thanks to technology developed by humans it is possible to take pictures and immediately place them on the internet, so if they have given technology the 2% of the population that had contact with aliens, could prove to others the existence of other civilizations.

Fig. 1: Opinion towards the existence of aliens, N=3000, %

Depending on the living area of the respondent there have been registered differences in opinion across the alien's existence. Urban people believe more in the existence of other civilizations (with 6 pp) and the rural - vice versa - do not believe with 15 pp more. If aliens really care about the appearance of the space ships and they are equipped with lights, these results may be due to the fact that the cities' sky during the night looks different from villages.

Fig. 2: Opinion towards the existence of aliens according to the respondent's area, %