For some of our clients the market research results provided by Magenta Consulting are enough for making marketing related decisions.  In other cases, clients need more complex services that include data interpretation and development of concrete actions aimed for company’s profit growth.

Magenta has a vast experience in marketing consulting, which includes the following services:

Support in advertising campaigns implementation

This service implies Magenta working with an advertising agency on behalf of the client, assuring control of the development and implementation of advertising campaigns and evaluation of their efficiency.

Controlling the work of a creative agency, we assure that this agency clearly focuses on the clients’ concrete goals and does not get involved in the superfluous competition in creativity with the other agencies and self-PR at the client’s account.

This service is provide only if our company has previously developed a communication strategy for the client.

Market entry strategies

According to the international statistics, around 50% of start-ups fail during the first year of activity and 90% close the business in the next 5 year.

A successful market entry for a start-up or a new product is always based on the preliminary made market analysis and correct marketing strategy, which permits to remain in that 10% of “lucky” companies that succeed.

This service is designed for both foreign companies that plan to enter Moldova and local start-ups. We analyze in details the competitive environment and propose an optimal market entry strategy, including all the elements of marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion).    

Customers’ loyalty development

Magenta Consulting is developing from scratch and is correcting existing strategies related to customers’ loyalty development. This is a complex service provided to existing business entities that already have a client base. This service combines consulting with quantitative and qualitative research methods.

We define loyalty as unconditional positive customers’ attitude and emotional affinity with a product or service provider.  One should not confuse loyal customers and the ones that are motivated to continue purchasing by price discounts or the ones that keep on purchasing habitually or due to a convenient outlet location.

Magenta Consulting does not have an objective to make loyal all the existing client’s customers, as in most of cases this is not in line with the clients’ long-term interest. As a rule, a big part of existing customers is not profitable for most of the companies. We consider the definition of loyalty only in the context of profitability for our clients and we aim to rise loyalty of only the most profitable and wished customers.    

Corporate marketing trainings

Corporate marketing trainings

On clients’ request we conduct corporate trainings in such areas as:

  • Strategic marketing
  • Communication strategy development
  • Marketing audit
  • Market research with own forces

The key staff of the company has an excellent educational background in prestigious European and local universities and business schools in the field of Marketing, Statistics, Sociology, Psychology, Consulting, Management, Finance, Politic Studies, International relationships and International Business.

We introduced in Moldova many international research practices and the western type of thinking. However, we are a local company, built up from scratch in Moldova and we fully understand the local specifics and the problems that are facing the Moldovan society and business community. Therefore, we manage to tailor our corporate trainings to the local situation.

Audit of marketing activity

Magenta Consulting conducts marketing audit of companies and their markets, which is a detailed analysis of a company profile, its products, clients, market segments, competitors, distribution, external environment, Unique Selling Proposition and marketing policy.

This type of research is based on the accumulated internal information within a company. Conducted by experts, such audit permits revealing additional competitive advantages and discover hidden reserves for growing company’s profits.

Marketing audit also permits evaluating the correctness of the implemented marketing policy and expediency of the current marketing budget formation. Sometimes basing on retail audit we discover that it is better to invest company’s logistics, merchandising, service quality standards, rather than investing into a traditional advertising.

Marketing Strategy for €400

The Marketing Strategy is on your office desk and it is ready to be put into action

Monday morning you will go to work and you will impress your boss and colleagues. You hold a strategic document in your hands that finally puts all thoughts in order, everything is planned for a year in advance and you no longer run like a hamster on the wheel. The Marketing Strategy of the company is created and can be implemented on the same day. How?

We help you elaborate your Marketing Strategy in only 2 days. There will be a lot of theory, but it will materialize into a document you can take home and that is ready to be put into action.

Who must know how to elaborate a marketing strategy?

  • Those who launch a start-up
  • Marketing directors
  • Company directors
  • Those who are passionate about marketing

And if I do not have a business at the moment?

You will be able to use a start-up idea you thought of or with a business you work at now.

How much is the Document Marketing Strategy?


Who will teach you?

Dumitru Slonovschi – founder and CEO at Magenta Consulting. Ten years of marketing experience and of creating marketing strategies say that it is easier to just keep doing something than to actually think before acting. Nevertheless, planning helps you get a greater effect. We elaborate strategies and help with their implementation. And that is why we know it works.

Why now and not later?

  • Finally you will plan globally the direction for your company, the one you never have time for because of routine.
  • By the way, do you know how “to eat an elephant”? Piece by piece. To the realization of strategic changes in your company will lead specific actions, for each one of them you will have a budget and a responsible person;
  • You will understand how to reach greater goals than getting 5000 likes on Facebook;
  • You will get rid of chaos and useless work in creating messages for your target audience, in choosing channels;
  • You will have everything planned in advance and there will be no need to set everyone on their feet last moment and to pay more for the emergency.

When does the registration close?

Registration is continuously open. We plan groups by interests and industry. The idea is tested and it works.

How can I register?

Fill in the form on the right of the page or call directly at +373 (22) 854384.

⚡ Register until October 3rd and get 30% off - only 280 euros. Also, for the second person from your company, get another ticket for half price.⚡