The School of Marketing

Starting with 8th of September 2010, Magenta Consulting in partnership with the newspaper ECOnomist launches a new social project: The School of Marketing. It is addressed to all those who work in the domain of marketing, to the students from the Faculties of Economical Sciences and Marketing, and also to those who are interested in this field.

The reasons for launching this project was the lack of information regarding the situation of products’ and services’ markets from Republic of Moldova; the theory and the methodology of different researches are less known by those who work in the domain; while as the experiences in the field of local marketing have lots of gaps, that’s why we come with this information about the local marketing.  

The School of Marketing comes with articles that will appear weekly inside the publication during the year and by the means of which we want to explain how work the research techniques and the methodologies adjusted to the local market, to bring real examples of businesses from Republic of Moldova, to tell how were created some brands and products, how are the consumer segmented, how work the economical clusters and to offer data about the local consumption markets. Also, we will ask the opinion of our readers that are invited to answer at the questions from the on-line poll to make us understand which subjects interest them most.

The goal of the School of Marketing is to make clear some aspects in the cognition of the local consumer and market that will improve the abilities and will develop the understanding of the field of marketing. We consider that by the means of this project we will come with our contribution to the growth of the marketing experts who will put the foundation of the development of local market and of the Moldavian economy.