The General Director of Magenta Consulting, Mr. Dumitru Slonovschi takes part in AdWeb 2011

Mr. Dumitr Slonovschi, the Genral Director of Magenta Consulting took part at AdWeb 2011 - the first international conference discussing on-line advertsing in the Repubic of Moldova. The conference was useful for those interested in the possibilities of using the Internet as a medium for products and services promotion, using advertising and online marketing technologies. During the conference were presented the tools for creating and evaluating an effective on-line advertising campaign, and also the latest trends and the most innovative solutions for online advertising. The conference was attended by the representatives of companies dealing with online marketing and web-projects from Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Romania, which provided information about the most effective digital marketing tactics and strategies.

The conference took place at “Leo Grand” Convention Center, on April 14 2011.

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