Magenta Consulting - 5 years old!

On April 5, 2011, Magenta Consulting celebrated 5 years of existence. The event took place in the Square of the Opera and Ballet Theatre, and invited all of company’s friends, and not only. Everyone passing by the square was able to join and have a good time, while learning something more about Moldovans.

The main theme of the event was the well-being of the population, fortified by the slogan of the evening: "Dont seek the well-being, create it yourself!". Also, on the spot was organized a live survey, which had a more special format. The participants were asked if they contribute somehow to the well-being of their country, and depending on the answer they were handed a balloon. All the affirmative answers were prized with Magenta colored balloons, while the negative answers with grey colored balloons.

Since Magenta Consulting is providing consultancy services, it didnt hesitate also to organize a contest for all the curious participants of the event, who had the opportunity to check their knowledge or suspicions about our nation. The questions for the contest were inspired from the articles written on various themes on the webpage of the company, and also on the official pages on &

Toward the end of the event, the General Manager, Mr. Dumitru Slonovschi came on the stage and shared some positive ending words, and of course the results of the survey. The predominant color of the square was clearly magenta. However there were some few grey balloons, but the conclusion is that the large majority does contribute to the welfare of our country.

The anniversary ended with an extra-dose of positive energy created by the concert of Snails band.

It is pleasing that the event was fun and informative not only for the business people, but also for the rest of people present in the square. Magenta Consulting would like to thank all participants from the square, Snails band and the presenter Sergiu Bezniţchi for the warm atmosphere created.