What does the competition do? Find out with Mystery Shopping

What does my competitor do differently from me? We have the same type of products, just as good of an image, well arranged service; however he still attracts more customers! For this there is a creative solution – Mystery Shopping.

What can you find out about your competitors with Mystery Shopping? 

Mystery customers can collect the data you need in order to subsequently use them in your favor. We present you only a few questions the answer to which you can get with the assistance of Mystery Shopping:

- Your competitors Customer experience. With some well trained customers you detect the most subtle details of service. And such data is at the price of gold when you are elaborating or modifying your own strategy. Because difference is what surpasses competition.

- Your competitors products. What is the general quality and aspect of their products? How are they packaged, how are they presented to the customers? What do the consultants say when they are asked about the characteristics of the products for their advantage? These data will allow you to better compare your experience with theirs.

- Your competitors front window and store design. How is the access to the products on the shelf realized? How are the products arranged? May they be tested? How exactly? What other facilities do the competitors offer to customers in the store?

- The approach of consultants. At what moment do they greet the customers, how exactly? When do they present the products and how? How do they react to conflict situations? Do they do cross-selling, how exactly do they associate the products?

How can you use data about the competitors?

With Mystery Shopping, the collected data will be presented in the form of a detailed report, accessible 24/24, conveniently grouped by aspects of interest. Thus, you may use it for improving the strategy related to customer experience, strengthening those areas where the competition is more vulnerable. Thus you ensure that:

- The strategy is concentrated on solving a problem or specific need to which clients respond positively.

- The strategy is realist and takes into account your financial capacities. But also to make use of modifications based on behavior which does not cost anything, such as the moment when consultants greet with a smiling face expression or thank at the end for the purchase and for the fact they have chosen your store.

- Strategy helps in recovering lost customers and gaining new customers, via solving processes which do not work quite well compared to the competition.

Studying the competition with the assistance of Mystery Shopping is also useful for new businesses, because they allow differentiation from the moment of launching on the market, covering the aspects already appreciated by the clients and offering additional advantages.