Service is learned from good examples. A taxi service for example

We got used to the fact that taxi services are poor, at level of approaching customers. However there are good taxi services in Moldova as well. 

It is again morning in Moldova. Thousands of families hurry to get to work, kindergartens and schools. And thousands call taxi services.

- Yes! Address!

- Good morning. Address X.

- We’ll call you back.

After several calls during which, if you are less fortunate you are told in short “There are no cars” and they hung up without the right to appeal, the most insisting find a car.

- Hello, the driver is waiting for you. Come out in 3 minutes or he leaves.

It happens that the driver is already gone. It happens that he is in a bad mood. Many things happen. And in spite of the service which leaves a bitter taste for the remainder of the day, we continue by thousands to call the same taxi service, each time we need it.

Why does poor taxi service hold?

In a behavioral study, Dan Ariely, the famous economist and researcher from the Duke University from the US, was saying that we always return to the first decision because we are likely to believe that our decisions are good. And if we did not have an extremely poor experience, we will buy the same burnt coffee, even if at the corner there is cheaper and better coffee.

At the same time, we return to the same decision when we have no alternative. When we discuss with the team about the businesses which absolutely need Mystery Shopping, the taxi service was always on our lists. But we always confronted It is like this everywhere and we did not have much hope for a change. Indeed, all our taxi services are the same:

  • you are rarely greeted
  • a tone of voice as if you are always offered a favor
  • the dispatcher is always upset and in a hurry
  • any deviation from rules is taxed.

Poor service works up to a certain day.

In ever more cities Uber made a revolution. A taxi driver may be any person whose care corresponds to certain standard. The service imposes politeness as a compulsory service rule. The clients may follow where the care is located from the moment the order was received, with whom they are going to travel, they are offered water, and finally they offer marks to the driver for the service.

We also have good examples of taxi service.

Recently, in Chisinau too appeared a taxi service, from which we all should take example. Here it is what it differentiates itself by:

  • On the phone answers a woman with a pleasant voice
  • The diction is impeccable
  • Greets you each time
  • She introduces herself and asks with whom she has the honor of speaking
  • In the end she wishes you a good day
  • Calls back and always tells the number of the car

“From that day I only turn to them. Each time they leave me with the sensation that I was well treated, they always do everything possible to find a car for me, they even ask me what car I prefer.  With a simple Good afternoon they made me into a loyal client.” Signed, Mystery Customer.

What examples of good taxi services do you know?