Social and political studies reflect our perceptions and social attitudes towards certain phenomena. Our company regularly holds such research for international organizations, among which are The World Bank, the United Nations, World Health Organization, etc.

Social and Political research - methodology

We apply different quantitative and qualitative methods – surveys, group discussions, in-depth interviews, observations, and others. All the methods that we use have been tested in more than 1000 research projects and audits conducted by foreign experts.

Social and Political Studies - application

The types of social and political research that we conduct are different,  but they are based on the client’s needs and often they have a clearly defined goal. Other tools used for research are the following:

• Ad-hoc

• Knowledge, attitudes, and practice (KAP)

• Development of hypotheses

• Trackers

• Exit polls

• Research of public policy

Social and political research enables governments, international organizations and political parties to understand the effectiveness of their work, develop policies and assess the intensity of certain phenomena.